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C'mon You

What happen if Changmin felt something unfair??

Title: C'mon You
Author: yuxo ( )
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Homin
Summary: After SM Town, Changmin wonders why he's the only one who hasn't shown some skin.
Disclaimer : Plot and story belongs to : yuxo ( )

C’mon through, c’mon you,
            Come dig right into my heart.


They plan it very well.

“Yoochun-ah, this is where you unbutton your shirt, and for the next song, JaeJae can unbutton his.”

Yoochun gives Yunho an extremely easy look. “That’s a lotta flesh, Leader-sshi.”

“Hey, wasn’t my idea,” Yunho retorts, holding his hands out in defence, “Management apparently wants everyone to follow in Junsu’s footsteps.”

“What about you then?” Jaejoong teases.

“You’ll see.”

“This is ridiculous,” Changmin says, getting up and walking away.

Yoochun looks after the youngest and smiles knowingly to himself. “All right, Leader-sshi, whatever you say…”

“But what about-”

“Come play video games with me, Junsu-yah,” Yoochun interrupts, smiling wide when Jaejoong rolls his eyes at him.

Yunho stares after Changmin silently and sighs.


“Too hot to handle, Leader-sshi!” Jaejoong laughs, clapping Yunho on the back.

It’s too fucking hot and tiring after the concert and the after-party to even stand straight, but Yunho grins the best he can and shoves Jaejoong away. “Shut up, look at your own abs before you go around teasing mine.” He’s fairly certain there are corpses of fangirls in the concert hall.

Jaejoong shoves him forward a couple of steps towards the bedroom and sighs affectionately. “You’ve done well all day. Now make sure to wrap it up properly.”

“Oh shut up, JaeJae.”

“Love you too~” Jaejoong sings, disappearing into his bedroom.

Yunho laughs, gives him the finger, and walks into his own. He almost melts when he sees Changmin curled up on the mattress.

“What took you so long?” Changmin mumbles, eyes closed, “Come here.”

Yunho shuffles to the bed and slides in, groaning in appreciation as soon as his side hits the sheets. A loud sigh escapes his mouth and Changmin pulls him closer, fitting perfectly into his chest.

“So,” the youngest starts a minute later, pulling Yunho out of his half-sleep.

“Mm?” He wants to be unconscious.

“What was with the shirt and the taking off?”

“But I didn’t.”

“But you practically did.”

If Yunho had the strength to, he would sadface. “But I didn’t.”

“…But you showed people everything.”




“Why can’t I take off my shirt?”

All of a sudden, Yunho’s very much awake. “Because you can’t.”

“The fans are screaming bloody murder,” Changmin smirks. He can feel the muscles tensing in Yunho’s body. Bastard deserves it. “They’re telling me to take it off.”

“I don’t care what they scream. I don’t want you to do it.”

“Oh,” Changmin drawls, pushing himself up on his hands despite all his muscles’ protests, “And why is that, hyung?” He calmly moves to throw a leg over Yunho’s waist, straddling the older man’s lap.

“Because I don’t want you to,” Yunho growls. He knows he’s coming off as possessive and unfair but he can’t help it. Not when it comes to Changmin.

“I’m a grown adult, hyung,” Changmin smirks, sliding his hands down Yunho’s chest. The word drips off his tongue, bathed in sarcasm and a little bit of resentment. “I think I can do whatever the hell I want with my body.”

“No, you can’t,” Yunho growls, moving his hands to pull Changmin in closer.

“I think I can,” Changmin whispers. His lips hover dangerously close to Yunho’s, the last of his sleepiness erased by the feel of his lover’s breath against his mouth.

Yunho laces fingers into his hair and sits up slightly to press their mouths together in a rough kiss. “No,” he whispers harshly, “You fucking can’t.”

“I…” the younger man trails off, groaning as Yunho starts sucking on his neck. “I can…do whatever the hell…I want…” He stops talking when strong hands grab at his shirt and yanks it over his head.

“You can’t do whatever the hell you want,” Yunho replies, rolling their bodies over to press Changmin into the bed. “This,” he hisses, licking and nipping a path of fire down the youngest’s chest, “this is fucking mine and that’s it.” He bites a little too hard on the jut of Changmin’s right hip bone and Changmin whimpers loudly, thrusting fingers into his hair.

“Yunho,” he moans, raising his hips so Yunho can tear the rest of his clothing off. He may be fucking exhausted but Yunho exists on a whole other level of emotion and feeling that’s all his own. Any other thoughts of teasing and antagonizing the other man fly out of his head when a hot mouth surrounds his half-hard cock, bringing it to full hardness in a matter of seconds. “Fuck, Yunho,” he gasps, unable to keep from thrusting slightly off the bed.

Yunho relaxes his throat and starts sucking faster. He looks up at the expression of bliss taking over Changmin’s face and feels his own cock strain against his pajamas, but he’s more interested in the circles under Changmin’s eyes. As much as he loves sex, he loves it better when they’re both not dying just trying to stay awake for a full day of activities.

“Yunho, I need you,” Changmin gasps, “I want you inside me so much, please!”

Okay, so maybe he loves sex a little more.

“Mmfmmm,” he says unintelligibly and Changmin shouts with pleasure. “I mean,” Yunho pulls away with a gasp, “How do you want it?”

“Anything, fuck!” Changmin whimpers, hands working impatiently on the back of Yunho’s head. “Just fuck me until I pass out or something-”

“Fuck your mouth,” Yunho breathes, pulling away to sit up and work desperately at his pants. “Stop talking like that or I’ll stick soap in there.”

“I’d much rather have your cock in here,” Changmin raises an eyebrow, licking his lips in the most vulgar way he can and spreads his legs wide apart.

Yunho pauses for a moment after throwing his boxers aside. “Where in the hell are you learning these things?”


“Liar, I don’t say or do these kinds of things,” the older man huffs, reaching to the nightstand to retrieve a bottle of lube. He spreads some over his fingers, staring at Changmin staring at him, and says, “If you can’t learn to behave, you’re not getting any.”

“Fuck you, Jung Yunho,” Changmin groans. He reaches down to grab his own cock and just about screams when Yunho waits for him to do it and thrusts a finger into his entrance as soon as he does.

Yunho watches him and licks his lips. “You’re so tight,” he says, and wonders why it didn’t sound that lewd in his head. “I just want to fuck you and come inside you-”

He doesn’t even get to finish before Changmin’s bucking up and moaning loudly, eyes shut tight in pleasure. Yunho’s almost a little taken aback but adds another two fingers at once, eyes growing wide when Changmin stops touching himself in favour of grabbing onto his shoulders and pulling forward for a desperate, open-mouthed kiss.

“Fuck me hard until the sun comes up,” the younger man demands semi-coherently, grinding without rhythm on Yunho’s fingers. “Fuck me so hard I won’t walk tomorrow and then fuck me some more, shit Yunho, just don’t stop fucking me ever!” He stops talking to pant through a couple of loud breaths, trying to push Yunho’s hand away.

“You really want it, don’t you?” Yunho asks a little incredulously.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck-”

“Okay, okay, calm down a little, baby,” Yunho says, pulling his fingers out and going to slick his own cock.

The very second he pulls away to squeeze lube onto his erection, Changmin practically shoots up and grabs onto his shoulders, whirling him around and shoving him onto the mattress.

“What-” Yunho yelps.

“Shut the fuck up,” Changmin pants and grabs the lube from his hands. “Always thinking you can just go around and being possessive of me but not letting me do the same you stupid idiot and flashing people on stage and nooooo I can’t do the same you bastard…”

Yunho knows his mouth is hanging open and he can’t for the life of him get any sound out.

“Right,” Changmin narrows his eyes, wrapping his hand around Yunho’s cock and slathering it with lube, “Just stare and gape, why don’t you. Fucking idiot, I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t remember your own name.”


“Shut up!” Changmin snaps, straddling Yunho’s hips again and abruptly sinking himself onto the hard flesh without any hesitation. He barely even registers the discomfort, too focused on the way Yunho arches under him in an attempt to not thrust.

“Cha-Changmin,” Yunho whines, hands going to his lover’s hips, clutching as if for dear life. “Shit, baby-”

“I dare you call me that one more time, Jung Yunho,” Changmin whispers dangerously.

“What?” Yunho breathes, honestly confused. The look is so cute that Changmin almost considers relenting a little, but quickly remembers the concert and the dancing and the taking off of shirts the bastard.

“What what?” he growls.

“Baby, what did I say-”

“Oh my fucking GOD!” Changmin says, shuddering violently down to his spine. As much as he loves to hear the affectionate petname, now is not the right time to be using it. With a loud moan, he almost parts their bodies before dropping down harshly, hissing when Yunho’s cock jams against his prostate. “I’m going to fuck you so, hard!” he exclaims, throwing his head back and raising his hips again.

Any coherent thoughts decide to give Yunho the finger and take a hike. He shouts as pleasure washes over his body, soaking every nerve with mind-numbing bliss. Changmin rides him quickly and the noises falling from that filthy mouth are doing nothing to help his coherency.

“Fuck, baby, faster,” he gasps, jerking his hips up mindlessly. Changmin moans again and he lets out a loud whimper for more, digging his fingers into Changmin’s hips. The younger man hisses and bucks wildly on top of him.

Their session is animalistic and lacks any kind of finesse, everything just about trying to achieve orgasm as quickly as possible.

“Sit up!” Changmin demands between harsh breaths for air, never faltering in his pace.

“Wh-why,” Yunho responds, so close to coming his entire body aches for it.

“Just do it!”

Yunho grunts with effort and removes his hands from Changmin’s hips, throwing them behind himself and pushing into a sitting position. As soon as the angle changes, Changmin screams, voice cracking halfway through, falling forward against Yunho’s chest and moaning desperately into his ear.

“Fuck me harder,” he gasps, biting Yunho’s shoulder just because he can. “I need you so fucking badly, please, Yunho, please fuck me harder.”

Crying out as raw ecstasy burns through his system from every direction, Yunho blindly throws one hand around Changmin’s waist, bringing his knees up against Changmin’s back for better leverage. He lifts the younger man the best he can and brings him down again, pushing himself up in the process.

Changmin’s eyes roll back into his head and his mouth opens in a silent scream. His hands clench desperately on Yunho’s back and Yunho hisses when nails scratch painfully at his flesh.

“Nnn, ah, AH! Yunho! Fuck! Yunho, ah, ah!! AH!” Changmin makes ridiculous noises of satisfaction and shakes every time Yunho thrusts in.

Yunho can hear himself crying out to fill in the gaps when Changmin fails to breathe properly, thrusting faster and faster until Changmin separates no more than one inch from his body before coming back down again. The need between them is so fierce he can’t even force Changmin’s name to form on his tongue; all that comes out is unintelligent gibberish for more.

Changmin lets out a desperate sob and shakes his head quickly, reaching down between their bodies to touch himself. Sweat sticks his hair to his temples and his fingers shake, all the more so when Yunho grabs his hand on its way down to place it back around his shoulders.

“Oh please, please Yunho, please,” he begs shamelessly, eyes opening just enough to stare pleadingly into Yunho’s face. “I can’t- we- don’t do this, please, I need to come, I need it, please-”

“You’ll get it!” Yunho moans, thrusting his hips faster if possible, trying to relieve Changmin of his obvious suffering. “Baby-”

Changmin sobs his name loudly and collapses against his chest, whimpering noisily against his neck as soon as the petname escapes his lips. “Please,” he chokes, bouncing in Yunho’s lap with all the strength he has left, “Please Yunho please please please-

“Oh baby,” Yunho gasps and feels his thighs and abdomen clench and tighten. “Changmin!” he shouts, and that’s the only thing coherent that comes out of his mouth—the rest of his orgasm is nothing but a long, hoarse scream of vocalized pleasure.

Changmin stop breathing altogether as soon as Yunho cries his name and he comes almost violently, clinging desperately to Yunho’s body, hoping it’ll keep him conscious. It isn’t enough and his eyes flutter shut and he falls blindly into Yunho’s arms when Yunho’s come fills him with suffocating heat.


“Baby?” Yunho whispers for the sixth time.

Changmin doesn’t move and he starts getting a little panicky. Is it possible to die from having too much sex?

“Changmin? Baby?” he tries again, rubbing his hand in circles on the younger man’s tailbone.

Changmin suddenly jerks against him and draws in a noisy breath of air. It’s followed by a short pause and then a long, husky moan that has him shivering.

“Are you okay?” Yunho asks, pulling back to look at Changmin’s face.

“I-” Changmin croaks and clears his throat. Yunho kisses his cheek and he forces his eyes open to look at the older man. “Yunho…”

“Changmin,” Yunho starts, worry starting to coil his muscles tighter. “Shit, I’m sorry, did I-”

“No, no,” his lover’s swats at him gently, pressing their lips together for a tired kiss. “I’ve just…I don’t think…wow, I don’t even know what to say.”

“…Is this good or bad?”

“I don’t think there’s a word for it,” Changmin groans, shifting just a little in Yunho’s lap and shivering. He lifts himself up mainly because Yunho helps him do it and immediately falls onto his back, fingers reaching out for Yunho’s.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Yunho worries, bringing their hands together as he lies down next to Changmin and cradles the younger man in his arms.

“You’re so fucking hot,” Changmin murmurs. He forces himself to move a couple of inches to kiss Yunho lightly on the lips.

Yunho blushes. “I like you much better,” he smiles cutely.

“Ahh, enough,” Changmin is just short of wibbling. “I can’t stand being in love with you. It’s just-”

“Not fair?” Yunho finishes. “Yeah, try being me.”

“You suck.”

“If you want me to.”

“Stop it!” Changmin whines, pouting.

“You see this!?” Yunho demands, “This isn’t fair! What am I supposed to do to fend myself against that!?”

“You’re not supposed to. How will I get my way then?”

“You always get your way anyway.”

“Not when it comes to taking off shirts, apparently.”

Yunho pouts and Changmin almost smothers him in a kiss-filled hug. “Baby-”

“You seem to be fending against me just fine,” Changmin sighs. “I can’t believe I let you call me that.”

“Call you what?” Yunho blinks, honestly confused.

“Aaaggghhhhh,” the younger man rolls his eyes and presses their foreheads together. “Maybe I should just start calling you ‘bunny.’”

Yunho thinks for a second. “Why?”

“Because you look so cute when you wear my bunny ears.”

“You think I’m cute?”

Changmin laughs soundlessly and kisses him on the nose. “I always think you’re cute.”

“I love you~~” Yunho whimpers, hugging Changmin tightly to his body. “If this is what happens when I take my shirt off, then I think I’m going to do it more often.”

“No,” Changmin warns, tone suddenly dropping a few hundred degrees, “You’re not. If you want me to cuddle with you, you’ll do well to keep your shirt on and just fuck me unconscious again.”

“…Oh. But-”

“No buts.”


“Fuck, Yunho, what part of no don’t you understand?”

“It’s not up to me…”

“Well, do your best then,” Changmin sighs, kissing Yunho jealously. “I want you all to myself.”

Yunho smiles at the idealistic sound of it all, and knows by the look in Changmin’s eyes that his lover knows all too well it can’t happen. But he wants to indulge tonight, just like he wants to every night, and opts for kissing Changmin instead. “I’ll try my best,” he whispers, closing his eyes as soon as Changmin bumps their noses together and runs fingers through his hair.

“I really passed out, you know,” Changmin pouts.

Yunho tightens his grip around Changmin’s waist until every inch of skin on their bodies that can press together is doing so. “You scared me half to death.”

“Not my fault. I blame it on your cock.”


“Because I love it.”

“I knew you were only using me for my body.”

“Obviously,” Changmin grins, letting Yunho kiss him affectionately.

“That’s not fair. I love you with my whooolllle heart and you only love my body?” Yunho sniffs.

“Ahhhhh!” Changmin groans, “Too much cute! I love you, okay? Goddamn, I love you too fucking much for my own good.”


“Oh hush. Bunny.”

“That won’t work, baby.”

“…I love you.”

“…Okay, that might work.”

Changmin smiles widely and snuggles in Yunho’s arms. “On a scale from one to ten, how much can you resist me?”

Yunho thinks for a full half-minute before Changmin starts poking him in the side. “Honestly?”


“About minus seventy-four thousand.”

“Well that certainly works to my advantage,” Changmin laughs, petting Yunho’s hair.

“Don’t tell the others.”

“Oh my fucking god,” Changmin shakes with laughter, “I love you so hard, oh my god.”

Yunho smiles and Changmin feels his breath hitch. “I love you too, Changmin.”

“I know,” Changmin breathes. “Don’t stop telling me though. I don’t want to forget.”

“I love you, Changmin.”

“I’m forgetting.”

“I love you, Changmin.”

Changmin pulls Yunho over him and loops his arms around the older man’s neck, drawing him in for a slow kiss. “You too tired?”

“Depends,” Yunho rolls his shoulders a couple of times, willing himself to find strength to last a decent amount of time.

“On what?”

“Do you love me?”

”I love you, Yunho,” Changmin smiles gently.

“Yeah, I’m up for it.”

Changmin answers with a deep kiss and hooks his leg around Yunho’s waist.


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