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Changmin looks good tied up

Title : Changmin Looks Good Tied Up
Author : Markie
Rating : PG - 13
Summary : Changmin Hates bondage.. But when Yunho gets angry, Changmin get a horrid wake up call.
Disclaimer : I own nothing plot and story belongs to : Markie  http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/HoMinLuver12/chapter_7.shtml


His lips found mine in a rough hard kiss; I grasped his shirt as he became more urgent his lips trailing down my jaw to my neck.
I shivered and moaned as he bit the skin above my collar bone.
He smiled against my skin and went lower taking a nipple between his teeth biting ever so lightly.
I arched my back moaning huskily as he abused my heated flesh.
I went very still as he grabbed my wrists pinning then above my head.
“No” I hissed jerking my hands away and getting up. He stared at me stunned.
The lust was gone and annoyance took its place “What now?” He asked crossing his legs and staring at me.
“I said I don’t like that kind of stuff” He bit his lips “My mind reacted on its own” he muttered looking unhappy.
Many would ask ‘what’s the problem’ well its simple. I HATE Bondage.
Yunho is always trying to get me tied up or trick me into submitting fully to him.
“C’mon Minnie!” He whined pouting at me
“You will love it!” he said grinning at me as I glared at him threw narrowed eyes.
“You know I hate feeling vulnerable” I murmured turning and walking out the bedroom door.
He just doesn’t get it does he..
3rd person POV
Changmin was currently cuddled into yunhos side as they watched t.v together.
The ringing of a phone disrupted the quiet tense room, changmin shot up grabbing his phone off the coffee table and pressing ‘on’ and putting it to his ear.
“Hello” Changmin said a smile in his voice as the caller replied.
Yunho stared with narrowed eyes as the callers voice could be heard and it was obviously a man.
Changmin ended the call with a smile “who was that?” Yunho asked suspicion in his voice.
“no one” was his instant reply “im going to bed” He added kissing Yunho on the lips.
Yunho watched as changmin sauntered to their bedroom.
Yunho grumbled to himself an angry expression on his face as the words ‘affair’ went through his head.
Yunho slowly got up his lips turned into a frown as his mind reeled on ideas or explanations on why the love of his life would cheat on him.
But it only made Yunhos anger rise and an idea popped into his head.
“Lets see you leave min-ah” He whispered darkly.
Changmin was sleeping deeply sprawled out on his an yunhos shared bed.
The only sound that could be heard was the door slightly creaking and yunhos light foot steps as he padded across the carpet to changmin.
He felt under the bed until his hand landed on a box that made him smirk and pull it out.
He sifted through the box until he pulled out black leather ties.
He carefully tied both of changmins hands to the headboard.
He lowered himself to changmins waistband and gently pulled them down and flung them to the side.
He smirked as changmin let out a tiny groan but slept on oblivious to what was happening to him.
Yunho then set to tying changmins legs apart so he was spread eagle across the bed.
Yunho stood back admiring his hard work and loving the way the moonlight spilled across his lover’s bare skin.
He sighed happily before grabbing a dildo and rubbing it with lube before getting on his hands and knees and positioning the dildo at changmins tight entrance.
Yunho teased the pucker a few times before pushing it in nice and slowly. Changmins back arched beautifully off the bed.
Yunho licked his lips at the sight of his lover tied up and a dildo inside of him.
Changmin was slowly starting to wake as a long moan escaped his lips.
The first thing he saw was yunhos wonderful face.. the dark brown orbs staring into his.
He would have sat up to ask what he was doing but the leather ties held him back, his eyes widened as he looked up to his bound wrists.
Changmin opened his mouth to yell at Yunho but Yunho placed his lips on changmins trapping changmins words.
Yunhos hand caressed changmins thigh as he kissed his lover roughly swallowing changmins moans and protests.
Once Yunho released changmins lips; leaving changmin gasping for air as yunho bit his way down his neck.
“Ah- Y-Yun” Changmin gasped as yunho harshly bit his nipple.
Yunho smirked and brought his hand to the dildo in changmin, thrusting it in and out.
He looked to changmins leaking length ad grabbed an object sitting on the end table.
He slid it down changmins member drawing a long whimper from changmin.
Changmins eyes were dazed as he looked up at yunho; moans continuously falling from his parted lips.
“So Minnie tell me… Who is he?” Yunho asked calmly pinching changmins hard nipples drawing a cry from his lover.
“W-What are Y-You TttTalking UhG! About?” Changmin managed to rasp out.
Yunho frowned and switched the toy on sending vibrations to rack up changmins spine.
“Don’t play dumb” Yunho growled huskily, his erection pressed against his jeans
“I Really-“ Changmins words were cut off by a gasp followed by a low moan as yunho jerked the dildo in and out of changmins, rough and fast.
“I heard his voice! It was a man!” Yunho growled. Changmins eyes looked confused then understanding washing across his face.
“Y-Yunho that wasn’t what your thinking” Changmin tried to explain but Yunho just scoffed as he unzipped his pants and pulled his erect member out.
He didn’t waste anytime as he spread changmins legs as fat as the restraints would let him.
He didn’t make a a move to remove the dildo inside changmin as he positioned himself at changmins entrance.
“W-Wait Y-Yun P-Please don’t..”Changmin shook his head pulling on the leather ties as Yunho started to push himself inside Changmin.
Changmin threw his head back his eyes shut tight as the pain flared in his spine.
“N-No Untie me!” Changmin gasped out tears stinging his eyes as Yunho pushed all the way in.
“No, Were doing this my way”
Yunho pulled out and thrust back in hard as the tightness was overwhelming for him.
“So T-Tight” Yunho moaned as he held changmins hips with a hard grip.
Yunho set a hard pace not slowing down or listening to Changmins pleas for him to stop.
Changmin on the other hand was tugging on the restraints giving up on pleading with Yunho, But he couldn’t find a way out instead all he could do was close his eyes and slowly let the pleasure overwhelm him.
“Ahh- Y-Yunho” Yunho looked surprise from the wanton moan he just heard from underneath him.
The beauty, Yunho couldn’t take his eyes off changmin.. He was caught it a trance as Changmins face; a deep pink, he looked so pleasured and so exotic.
“M-More” Changmin moaned but as much as Yunho felt relieved and satisfied Changmin was going along with him, he wanted to be in control.
He pulled out of changmin quickly making the man hiss in pain as he was flipped on to all fours.
“W-What are you doing!” Changmin demanded his legs shaking as he breathed hard.
“Punishment time” Yunho replied non-chalantly as he got off the bed before giving Changmin a swift smack to the ass.
He sifted through a box and brought something with him.
He rubbed changmins back kissed his nap before inserting the toy inside his lover.
Changmin shoved his face into the messy comforter and moaned loudly, his eyes wide as Yunho switched the toy on, it buzzing to life inside changmin.
“N-No Yunho- T-Take it out” Changmin manages to gasp out as his hip bucked in pleasure.
“A-A-Ah P-Please” Changmin begged his upper body slumping onto the bed.
Yunho smirked and Thrusted the toy inside changmin a few times, enjoying how changmins body trembled every time he did so.
“Who was the man?” Yunho questioned, his eyes dark with lust.
Changmin whimpered as the toy was turned up a notch, and Yunhos constant jerking of the toy too.
“N-No one!” He rasped out.
That reply only fueled Yunhos anger and he harshly thrusted the toy inside changmin.
Changmin moaned, burying his face into the pillow as the torture continued, his thoughts drifting to the ‘Man’ Yunho was talking about.
The phone call
I was excited that he called me, Yunhos birthday is in 2 days and I have to have it planned right!
“JaeJoong! How are the plans going?” I bit my lip hoping he wouldn’t say it was a complete familiar.
“Ahhh, You better thank me for this! It was soo hard to get the club.. But I got it” I almost jumped for joy when he said it.
“Really Hyung? I owe you” I smiled as he scoffed and gave a little chuckle.
“Of course you do Minnie-ah”
I smiled and said my goodbyes to him. When I came back to the room I knew something wasn’t right.. Yunho was too tense.
Is he mad at me? I sighed inwardly and sat back down hoping I could make his birthday wonderful.
Changmin was jerked out of his thoughts as Yunho smacked him hard on the ass, “Tell me Minnie, Who was it?”
Changmin choked on a sob “A-A friend”
Yunho gave a chuckle and yanked the toy out from Changmin “Im not stupid Min,” and with that he shoved himself back into changmins heat.
Changmin arched his back and moaned as Yunho pounded into him, He tugged on the restraints but it was futile.
Yunhos thrusts became harder and rougher and Changmin knew he was close.
Yunho moaned deeply and gave one last hard thrust into Changmins prostate and came hard inside him.
Changmin Cried out whimpering as the ring around his length stopped him from his deeply needed orgasm.
“P-p-please Yunho, L-Let me come” Changmin panted out his eyes watering as Yunho stared down at him, as he came down from his high.
Yunho relented with a sigh, feeling bad about how he treated changmin.
He reached down unlocking the ring and stroking changmin until changmin gave a whimpering cry as he came In yunhos hand.
Sobs racked through changmins body and Yunho felt immense guilt as he started down at Changmins limp body.
“Shh, I’m sorry Min-Ah” Yunho shushed him until light breathing could be heard and he knew changmin had fallen asleep.
He gave a sigh, still upset that he didn’t get the answer out of changmin.
“There’s always tomorrow” he breathed out.